Therapy for Anxiety: 6

I can’t believe I’m on week 6 already. This has gone so quickly but it’s definitely not finished yet. It’s at this point that my therapy with the NHS stopped because I’d finished the six weeks. I’d say I’ve definitely got a few more to go. I left this week’s session feeling quite empowered. Tired, but empowered. I dealt with some nasty demons this week and although it was difficult… View Post

Therapy for Anxiety #5

Recovery is not a straight line. Recovery is not a straight line. Recovery is not a straight line. This week’s session was more difficult. I’m not going to lie about it, the whole point of this is to destigmatise therapy, as well as mental illness in general, and to give people an insight into what having therapy is like if they’re considering it themselves, so I’m going to be as… View Post

Therapy for Anxiety: 4

In last week’s post I told you about how we focused that session on the blood test I had coming up on Friday in the hopes of helping me to deal with it better. I said I’d give a little update on how it went and whether it worked so… No panic attack. No anxiety. A completely ‘normal’ blood test. Usually the night before would have probably been worse for me than… View Post

Therapy for Anxiety: 3

Tonight I had my third therapy session. If you’re up to date on this little series you’ll already be aware that I’ve started EMDR therapy to hopefully help me deal with PTSD. Tonight’s session was a little different in that we didn’t focus on past traumas as originally planned, we focused on something else that’s affecting me currently. You’re probably going to laugh. On Friday I have a blood test. I… View Post

Therapy for Anxiety: 2

Last night I had my second therapy session (if you haven’t read about the first one yet, you can find that post here). Now that the therapist had some information about me and things that have happened in my life etc. we were able to start on the ‘actual’ therapy. We’d spoken about a couple of options for things to try, but the main thing that she wanted to do… View Post