EMDR | A Summary

As I’ve written a series about my recent therapy experience, I thought it would be a good idea to do a little summary post now that I’ve finished. This way, those who don’t want to read through every post (I know I waffle) may still get a good idea of what EMDR is and what it’s like. For those who haven’t read any of the previous posts and aren’t sure… View Post

Therapy for Anxiety: 10

Apologies for the lack of posts – I didn’t attend therapy for two weeks due to illness and bad weather. I think this will be the last post in this series: 10 seems like a good number to finish on and I only have a few sessions left, so I think the next couple of weeks will be more about firming things up rather than starting anything new. This week… View Post

Therapy for Anxiety: 9

I don’t actually have much to say this week. Not much really happened in this week’s session. Also, sorry for the delay for this week’s post – I’ve had flu and to be honest I haven’t wanted to do anything at all let alone muster up the energy to think back all the way to Tuesday night… We focused on something slightly different this week and we weren’t looking at trauma… View Post

Therapy for Anxiety: 8

I have to be honest this week hasn’t been great. Last week’s session was the most difficult yet so I was absolutely exhausted and feeling quite low afterwards. Luckily my boyfriend came home with my favourite chocolate – and lots of it! Because of all this though I was feeling quite unsettled about how it was going to go this week. I feel like this week I went back to… View Post

Therapy for Anxiety: 7

After a pretty positive, almost anxiety-free week I was actually quite looking forward to this week’s therapy session. I felt like something had changed in me over the last week: I could see the joys in life again. At times, I could even feel them. I felt motivated and empowered for the most part. I said it before, and I’ll say it again. Recovery is not a straight line.  When… View Post