What we can learn from life in lockdown

I did a poll on Twitter recently about how people felt they would approach life after lockdown: would they keep some of the changes they’ve implemented recently, or go back to life as we knew it? The overwhelming response was that people wanted to take some changes with them (87%). I’ve shared my own too: I’d like to continue to check in with people more often; reduce the pressure around… View Post

Tips for looking after the wellbeing of children during lockdown

Just to be clear, I’m not about to tell anyone how to parent their children. I’m not a qualified professional and everything I write about is through lived experience, research and information that I pick up along the way, and something that I think is super important is how mental illness in children is managed. I’m living proof that the right diagnosis, understanding, treatment and early intervention are vital. I… View Post

Looking after your mental health during a pandemic

Living and managing through a pandemic is just not something that I’ve ever thought about. It has literally never crossed my mind. Unfortunately for many, especially those who are immunocompromised or suffering with OCD or health anxiety, we’re in what is essentially a living nightmare. Something that you’ve thought about, considered, perhaps even planned for but that you hoped you’d never have to action – but those with chronic illnesses… View Post

Living without a biological parent – by choice

Well this is a personal one, isn’t it? You know me: I’ve not been too afraid to air my ‘dirty laundry’ on my blog and I’ve documented my whole mental health experience, therapy, medication, all of it – but somehow this one seems more personal still. It’s a strange subject to bring up – when people hear that your mother isn’t around, they assume that she’s dead. She isn’t dead,… View Post

How mental health affects physical health

I feel like there’s still a bit of a disconnect between mental health and physical health – we know that leading a ‘healthy’ lifestyle can help to improve mental wellbeing: exercise, a balanced diet, mindfulness, yoga. The general idea that maintaining good physical health can help to improve your mental health is pretty well-received and accepted – it seems logical, right? But how does it work the other way around?… View Post