Growth is Uncomfortable

I’m pretty open on my blog about things that are happening for me or what’s going on in my life and I think it’s really important that, as someone who writes about mental health a lot, that I’m really honest about things – it’s no good me being a ‘mental health blogger’ if I come on here and tell you how perfect my life is, knowing that it isn’t.

This year so far has been an interesting one – something big (and generally negative) has happened to me every month so far this year, and in every aspect of my life too. It’s been a shake up. Everything has been affected: my career, my relationships, my book, my home.

This has all given me an opportunity to start again – like, really. Everything has changed. I’ve had to start pretty much from scratch, but there’s something quite appealing about that.

At the time of each of these things happening over the last few months I’ve experienced such a vast array of emotions – some new to me, too – and there have been some times where I really thought that there wasn’t much more that could really go wrong. Every single aspect of my life has changed over the last four months. It’s like I’ve completely shed my skin.

Of course that’s not really an easy process, but I genuinely believe that I needed it. It feels like a transition between the life I had and a new one; childhood to adulthood. It’s an uncomfortable transition, but growth is uncomfortable.

Growth comes through adversity, and through every experience that life presents, we grow more and more. We become more resilient, we know ourselves more, and we shed more skin. I feel I’ve surprised myself a lot with the simple fact that I am far more resilient than I ever thought. So far this year has given me grief, heartbreak, stress, anxiety, sadness and immense upheaval – and I fucking handled it.

Naturally we look for comfort – we think it’ll bring us happiness. Sometimes it will. But becoming the best version of ourselves and getting to a point of genuine contentment comes from some serious personal growth: uncomfortable, horrible, life-altering growth.


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  1. foreverseptember1
    May 7, 2019 / 7:57 pm

    I think this is such a great way of looking at it Hannah, a fresh start. I’m sorry that you went through all of this but you’re so strong and I believe in you!

    Lucy | Forever September

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