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So it turns out it’s been about three months since I added anything to my blog. There are a few reasons for this really: time – work, writing a book; ideas – I haven’t got a clue what to write about anymore, partly because I find myself feeling less able to write mental health posts now which has always been the purpose of my blog. Another thing that puts me off slightly is the way the blogging industry has evolved. I’m not sure I believe most ‘influencers’ anymore because everything is an ad, there are people promoting things that they don’t use (or like) and everything’s about the numbers. And Instagram. Everything’s moving to Instagram. As a social media manager I should probably be more supportive of this, but I think it’s a shame. Do people still read blogs?

Well whether they do or not, I like my blog. From the day I started it – which was three years ago this month – I didn’t write for the prospect of working with brands or PR agencies or earning money from my Instagram account. It never even crossed my mind. I wrote for the sake of writing – I liked it and it helped me.

This post was actually supposed to be about something completely different – I’ve had quite a few people messaging me for advice about going freelance so I wanted to write a post on it and that’s what this was going to be, but I noticed early on that I was taking an entirely different direction and so I decided to go with it. The freelancing post can come later. That’s what I’ve always liked about blogging – I’ve always written about whatever I felt like.

I’ve thought about binning my blog a lot lately. Now with a business, I don’t really want to be paying for a website I’m not using (in addition to my work website), and if people really aren’t reading blogs anymore, I guess there isn’t much point. I don’t have ideas to keep content going on here. But I just can’t bring myself to do it. My blog holds parts of me and a part of my life that, if I’m really honest, I’d quite like to let go of – but I never will. It’s who I am. As well as that though, it’s a reminder of my experiences over the past few years and the progress I’ve made from the day I started writing my blog. It was 23rd December I think, and I was feeling pretty dreadful about the concept of having to ‘show up’ at Christmas and be my best, fun-loving, bubbly self, when I felt I hadn’t seen her for a long time. My blog carried me through a couple of difficult years and, because of that, I feel as if I have this weird loyalty to it as if it were a person.

So I’m going to keep it. Maybe I’ll think of some ideas and become motivated to share them again, or maybe I’ll go back to the beginning and write just because I want to write. Maybe I won’t write again for another three months. We’ll see – and it’s genuinely fine either way. Maybe my blog was only supposed to help me for a period of time, maybe I was never supposed to be sharing my little thoughts for longer than I have been. I’ll work it out.

Until then, have a Merry Christmas


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