10 Thoughts I’ve Had Whilst Writing a Book

It’s safe to say that writing a book is hard work. It’s hard work for anyone, let alone when you’re writing about mental health. It’s an interesting process with lots of ups and downs.

1 Is this book-worthy?
There’s so much stuff. Looking back over a twenty-one year period means that there’s a lot to cover, and I keep finding myself wondering if a lot of my life is actually book-worthy. There have been so many things that have come into conversation with my editor, and he’s been like erm Han why isn’t this in your manuscript?? It’s so helpful having an editor that can tell you what should go in and what’s important to an outsider, because if it was just left to me, I’d leave loads of good stuff out. It’s hard writing about your own life because it’s just the norm to you, but knowing what is important info for a reader is really important.

2 Wait, did that actually happen then?
Ugh! There have been so many occasions on which I’ve been like, wait, this happened like two years before this point. There’s a lot to remember.

3 Must. Be. Descriptive
I often just want to get everything out of my brain and onto the page, and tend to write in brief sentences. I’m having to try really hard to actively be descriptive when I’m writing – again, thank god I’ve got an editor.

4 Fuck.
This is really, really hard. Am I actually capable of writing a book? Maybe not. Maybe I should just give it up now.

5 That sounds good – did I write that?
Sometimes I read parts of the manuscript back whilst editing and I’m like oh Han, go on girl! Especially after editing, there are some sentences I’ve read and thought that it seemed way better than anything I could produce.

6 I’ve used this word way too many times. Let’s google a synonym.
Thesaurus.com is my friend.

7 My vocabulary is definitely not wide enough for this.
More synonyms, please.

8 I can’t meet the deadline. Oh my god!
Must write more! Must write quicker! Not the way to do it, Han. I’ve learnt that there are huge benefits in taking a break from this and going back to it later. It’s OK to not be able to write all the time.

9 Much progress. Come at me, deadline.
On the other hand, sometimes I’ll edit like three chapters in one day and be like YEAH.

10 I really hope this is good.
Please, please be worth it.



  1. February 16, 2018 / 7:29 pm

    This is a great post and I can totally relate! I’m on my last round of edits for my next book and it’s always hard not to let the doubts get to me! It is SO worth it, though!

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