Date Night on a Budget

1 Go for a walk and talk to each other

Although a little weather dependent, this is one of my favourite things to do. It actually comes from when I was struggling a lot with my mental health and my boyfriend would encourage me to walk with him, and I guess it’s something we just kept on doing. We sometimes meet after work to walk, and we walk most weekends. We always find that when we go for a walk we always talk to each other. Like, really talk to each other, about things we probably wouldn’t have spoken about otherwise. We’re not on our phones or watching television or facing any other distractions, and usually grab a coffee beforehand to take with us. We rant the day away, talk about work, give each other advice and support on things. Really recommend this one.

2 A boxset and lots of food

Emphasis on the lots of food part. I don’t know about you but on a work day, there are times that I really look forward to a boxset and a feast. We have been watching The Blacklist for a while and absolutely love it, so add in some food and I’m a pretty happy bunny. It’s a nice way of doing something that you both enjoy, together, without it being a massive deal. There’s something so nice about such a simple evening.

3 Cook together

OK so this one isn’t for everyone. I sometimes get in a flap if I’m trying to cook with someone near me or getting involved, and I know that my boyfriend is the same. He used to be a chef and can do things really quickly so I tend to leave him to it. However, it can be fun to stick some music on and cook or bake something together – I feel like if we both have specific jobs then it’s fine because we’re not interfering with each other. I’m sure some couples are much better at this than we are!

4 Go through photos

Love this. This is one of my favourite things to do and I’ve started getting a lot more photos printed just because I love picking them up and having a flick through every now and again. It can be really fun – and interesting – going through photos of each other’s families when they were younger, your partner when they were younger (my fave) and photos of the two of you. Cute!

5 Play a game

Again, not for everyone. My boyfriend is potentially the most competitive person on the planet but we do have a laugh playing some silly games. Mr & Mrs is a really fun game but we also like quizzy ones and Articulate.

How do you like to spend your date nights?!


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