Simple self care on a budget: Winter

I feel like I’ve been a little negative in recent posts. What with life’s curveballs, stressors, dilemmas and general adulting, I’ve been a bit fed up. It’s getting dark and it’s getting cold and I don’t know about you but, at the moment, I feel like I’m having to make extra efforts to keep myself in a healthy mindset. So here I am with a post for both you and me: small self-care saviours.

I long underestimated the importance of what we call the small things. The things that seem insignificant, that we take for granted, or don’t make time for. The Winter months can be difficult for many: the darker, colder days and incoming party season can make day-to-day life difficult, let alone when it comes to festivities. This time of year calls for extra self care, and it’s not always the big things that matter. It’s the small things.

Jumper: Misspap | Jeans: ASOS

  Allow yourself some time to do something creative and enjoyable
  Spend lots of time in your fave cosy clothes. I’m currently living in this Misspap jumper of dreams
  Take some time out from social media to do something more mindful, like reading a book, or writing
Create yourself a playlist of all your favourite songs
  Try to drink enough water to stay hydrated and enjoy lots of cups of tea. Eat breakfast
Make the effort to take a walk or go outside for ten minutes each day, wrap up warm
Invest in a pillow spray or Spacemasks to create a relaxing bedtime environment
Try to stick to a regular sleeping pattern – the routine will help
  Talk to somebody about your day

Little helpers



  1. November 3, 2017 / 1:54 pm

    I’m completely with you on the little things – i recently talked about this on my blog, particularly as autumn can be difficult with negative associations. i’m trying to savour the little joys, such as the turning leaves or cosy nights in with a blanket!

    I will definitely take note of the drinking more water, i keep resolving to do so but admit i’ve been slacking!

    One thing i’ve been doing better on is investing in skincare products – something i always saw as necessary, but simply popping on a lotion or moisturiser is so soothing! I particularly love the Enzymion from Lush.

    Speaking of Lush… my revelation has been “sleepy”! It’s the most calming scent and is ACTUALLY WORKING in terms of sleep. I struggle with insomnia as a side effect of my medication. This could be my new remedy 🙂

    Hope YOU can make time for these self-care things; i know from experience that it can help to have SOMEONE ELSE say it’s okay (why i’m so grateful for this post!) so here’s me saying, it’s okay for YOU TO PUT YOU FIRST, too xxx

    Bumble & Be

  2. November 16, 2017 / 4:31 pm

    That jumper looks gorgeous on you! And I think I’m going to go and plan an evening routine right now xxx

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