8 Mistakes You’re Making As A Blogger

Trying to use every social media platform going

To try and get the word out there as much as you can, you may think that you should get your content everywhere. Wrong. It is far more beneficial to get your content in places that your target market is, than just putting it out all over the shop. Work out the kind of person who is interested in your content and work out where to find them – don’t just push your work in people’s faces and expect them to love it.

Forgetting about old posts

Just because you wrote a post a year ago, that doesn’t make it irrelevant. People will still relate to what you’ve written. Ok, it may need a bit of updating – maybe your photography has improved or your writing style has changed – and that’s totally fine. Revitalise your old posts and continue to promote them – they were interesting once, they’ll be interesting again. I have a popular posts widget in my sidebar to really make the most of this, as new readers gradually come on site they may be completely unaware of previous posts that have been really popular in the past. It’s about encouraging people to spend more time on your blog, rather than just reading a post and heading off.

Poor navigation

Again, it’s about encouraging people to spend more time on site. A website that is difficult to navigate doesn’t make people want to stay on it! Having clear categories, a search bar, clear font and an attractive layout are all easy ways of giving your visitors a better experience.

Posting inconsistently

I’m actually quite bad for this. One thing I’ve noticed that a lot of great bloggers have is set posting days, i.e. they will post on a Wednesday and a Sunday and therefore their readers know when to expect new content. However, I mostly work on a creative basis – when something comes into my head, I want to write about it there and then and to be honest, I don’t really want to change that. But. What I do think is important is not posting every day for a week and then putting nothing out for three weeks.

Pressurising yourself

This all said, one of the worst things you can do in a bout of bloggers’ block is pressurise yourself. It only means you get stuck in a rut. You end up writing for the sake of writing and not producing the content that you want to be producing, or content that you’re not happy with. This will only make you feel worse – believe me, I know. We’ve all done it and we’ve all learnt from it.

Comparing yourself to other, larger bloggers

Another thing I’m a bit guilty of. It’s so hard not to but it’s important to not let yourself get bogged down by the opportunities everyone else seems to be getting. Everybody started somewhere.

Buying followers to keep up with other, larger bloggers

There’s been loads of stuff about this going around lately but I couldn’t not include it. When you see other bloggers getting opportunities with large brands – brands that you want to work with – it can be disheartening. One way to completely ruin this is buying followers. It will ruin your reputation as a blogger. One of things you have to be in the blogging industry is honest.

Expecting views to come to you

To go far in blogging, you’ve got to work hard. If you want to do it because it seems easy or like you don’t have to do much, you’re very much mistaken. Being a blogger isn’t always easy and so if you don’t love it, don’t bother. Don’t expect to do a bit of SEO and watch the page views come rolling in. You have to market yourself and your content in the same way you would a business. Setting goals and putting together plans to get there is very helpful, but remember to not beat yourself up about it.


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  1. April 21, 2017 / 3:02 pm

    This is such a cool post, even though i’m not concerned by a few of the topics raised here. For instance, I never worked nor ever intended to one day work with brands.
    I agree with your opinions, and I learned a couple new things as well.

    Let’s see, social media : I’m kinda glad that am not even on all platforms, so I don’t get over-publication. I only use twitter and facebook, since I have very small overlap right now.

    Cool about the widget, I found a new one in blogger just a couple months ago I think, that let me display 1 post – which I change periodically. Am not sure about one thing, when you say to revitalise, are you saying to change the content of the text to make it on-par with my current improved style? Because, maybe am mistaken about it, but I thought interesting (for myself) to see the evolution of my style and think if I do change, I won’t see what I did before. Should I re-word? Or does that not apply to MH content?

    I sure hope my blogs have ok navigation as I lack some knowledge on how to improve it further.

    Ahhh consistency! I think am ok with that one, though never had a decided day as I follow inspiration, needs of expression, and each post has its own course. I don’t like any pressure of having something by a specific date unless for a challenge or an awareness campaign, but I think that my overall consistency of 15-18 posts a month has been well balanced.

    I’v had a few blocks in writing, but overall still balanced. When I cannot type, I read and comment other blogs, giving my head a rest. I learned pressure wasn’t good for me by experience.
    I never compare to other bloggers, I’m just me with my own content, not here to create or follow a competition of any sort.

    Marketing my blog for views has never been a strong point and I don’t even know how many people actually read since my stats are all skewed by a flawed system in blogger, counting my own visits. No clue how to fix nor get my blog out there to be read.

  2. April 21, 2017 / 8:47 pm

    Great post Hannah, you’re definitely right, blogging takes a great deal of effort and to get the rewards like a big following or working with top brands, we need to put the effort in. I’m definitely guilty of not posting regularly – I’m the same, as blogging is just my hobby at the moment, I sort of just write when I get the inspiration rather than writing for the sake of it!

    I never even thought to look back over my old posts! You’re right, they’re still relevant, so why not promote them! Thanks for the tips! Love your wisdom as always!

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

  3. April 22, 2017 / 11:07 pm

    I used to put out 1-2 post per week when I feel like it, but now that I have a schedule (I post every Tuesday and Thursday) it’s a whole new story. I won’t come back even if it’s easier, because I’m noticing the difference it makes for the readers. Anyway, great tips 🙂 <3

    Caterina | http://www.caterinasosso.com

  4. May 8, 2017 / 6:47 pm

    I really love this post! Great advice you have given here that i would deff use!

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