Peace Instead of Parties | Elmers Court Hotel, Lymington

For New Year’s Eve Charlie and I decided that we didn’t want a big night out (let’s be honest, I never want a big night out) (also, yes I am aware we’re in March now) so we decided to go away together for the night. This was quite a last minute decision so finding a hotel with a room for New Year’s Eve at the last minute wasn’t an easy task but in the end I found Elmer’s Court. I’d been to the New Forest before when I was quite a bit younger and remembered loving it and Charlie had never been, so I wanted to take him there. Lymington is a place that I could go back to again and again. It’s such a cute little town with adorable shops and pretty lights and we decided that it was perfect for having a bit of time away.

We didn’t want to go too far but were both in need of a bit of peace and quiet and as neither of us could be bothered to have to drink – or in my case, explain to everyone why I don’t drink and have them judge me for that choice – and be sociable and pretend to be absolutely loving life because it was New Year, it was a great excuse to go away.

The hotel was a spa resort as well as accommodation and had pretty much everything you’d want for a short break. There were restaurants on site, so we didn’t even have to leave the complex if we didn’t want to. However, me being me, forgetting to make a dinner reservation on one of the busiest nights for hospitality and all that, we ended up eating in Prezzo but that’s not the point…

The hotel grounds were absolutely beautiful and incredibly spacious, looking out onto a harbour.

We spent time admiring the views before heading into Lymington town (to Prezzo, lol) which was really nicely quiet. I expected it to be a lot busier given the occasion but we ate early and there wasn’t really anyone around as the shops were closed. It was lovely to wander around and not have to be anywhere or be in a hurry.

We spent the evening watching Harry Potter and eating room service (we got hungry later on having eaten dinner early) and the bed was very comfortable, the food good and the room spacious.

It was the perfect little getaway to get a bit of peace whilst the rest of the world partied.



  1. March 23, 2017 / 1:35 pm

    It looks like a lovely place to visit!

  2. March 23, 2017 / 9:57 pm

    Great Review Hannah. Looks &
    Sounds lovely. I’ll put it on my “places to go” list.

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