Therapy for Anxiety: 9

I don’t actually have much to say this week. Not much really happened in this week’s session. Also, sorry for the delay for this week’s post – I’ve had flu and to be honest I haven’t wanted to do anything at all let alone muster up the energy to think back all the way to Tuesday night…

We focused on something slightly different this week and we weren’t looking at trauma – that’s all done(!) – instead we focused on a perception I have of a particular memory and what it meant. This is something that affects me on a regular basis and is a huge anxiety trigger for me so this is an area that I was ‘looking forward’ to covering.

Whether it’s worked or not we’ll see in time, but I think something has definitely changed. This particular issue is based on physical health – I’ve had flu since Tuesday night and it hasn’t caused me any anxiety, just inconvenience. So that’s definitely something. Also, on Tuesday I went to a blog event which meant travelling to London and back on my own and socialising with people I’ve never met before. It was fine – no problems at all. That’s not something I thought I’d be saying anytime soon!

Sorry it’s such a short post this week – not much has happened (in a good way) and I’m still poorly so bear with.


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