Rescuing My Hair with OGX Beauty

Recently the lovely ladies at OGX Beauty sent me a trio of goodies to try. I had my hair balayaged earlier on this year which uses bleach so it’s feeling a bit dry, so they sent a shampoo, conditioner and oil packed full of Vitamin E to help put some moisture back into it.

The first thing I noticed about these products was the smell. It’s absolutely amazing but not too overpowering and they don’t smell like other hair products which I think can sometimes be a bit overly fruity, this is more like an expensive, mature fragrance and honestly, if I could have a perfume that smelt like these products, I’d be so happy! The packaging is cute and I think these products look expensive as well as smell it!

After shampooing I usually leave the conditioner on the ends of my hair for about two minutes and come away with super soft hair that smells so good. Then, whilst my hair is still wet I apply the oil and I tend to find that after blowdrying, my hair is much easier to style. Unfortunately I can’t just dry my hair and leave it because it gets so frizzy which can be a real pain when you’re as lazy as I am, but I’ve been finding that recently the straighteners just glide through my hair so easily and it actually does what I want it to do. Generally I’m quite dubious about hair products because I think they all claim to do the same thing and I’m not one for spending loads on haircare but it’s safe to say that this range is definitely helping the appearance and feel of my hair and to be honest, even if it didn’t I would probably buy it just for the smell!!

Has anyone else tried these products? Did you love them as much as I do?



  1. October 16, 2016 / 11:36 pm

    I tried one of OGX’s Shampoo and Conditioner, the blue one I don’t know the proper name for it haha but I loved it 🙂 I want to try more of their products so I may give the ones you have a go.

  2. October 17, 2016 / 11:27 pm

    I swear by the Vitamin E Penetrating Oil! I started using it late in the summer and it’s the only leave in treatment that moisturizes my hair without weighing it down. And I couldn’t agree more about the smell; all there products smell divine.

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