SEVENTEEN Easy on the Eye

I was very late to the whole eyeshadow thing. I’ve always gone for quite simple makeup looks and decided that I didn’t know how to do eye makeup well enough to warrant spending money on a palette, until recently. I think that as a blogger you get exposed to a lot of makeup products and images of gorgeous looks, and it kind of inspired me to try and make more of an effort and try some new things out, so I decided to give it a go with SEVENTEEN’s Easy on the Eye palette.

It’s available in two styles: Birthday Suit and Big Smoke. Being new to it I decided to go for shades that wouldn’t be too overpowering, so the nude tones in Birthday Suit were perfect, and at just £7.99, I didn’t mind if I bought it and realised I was a complete disaster and never used it again.

The palette is described by SEVENTEEN as ‘a collection of 8 matte, shimmer and pearl powders, 3 metallic creams & 1 eye primer with dual ended applicator, mirror and get the look guide.’ The perfect kit for a newbie like me! It’s been a really good way of working out which kind of looks suit me best, and which kind of eyeshadows I prefer to use. I soon discovered that Cool Rose (third on the top row), Baked Chestnut (fourth on the bottom row) and Burnt Copper (fifth on the bottom row) were some favourites, and it’s become my go-to look. I usually start with Cool Rose to cover the eye, putting Baked Chestnut in the crease and at the outer edge of my eye, finishing off with a bit of shimmer in the centre of the eyelid from Burnt Copper which is a cream (I would show you a picture but I haven’t got the balls to display my eyeshadow skills – or lack of – just yet). It literally takes about five minutes to do and it’s so, so easy.

After experimenting a bit with creams and matte, and becoming a little bit more confident with eyeshadows, I decided to buy the famous Flawless Matte palette from Makeup Revolution. I have to say, I’m using the Easy on the Eye palette far more often!



  1. June 27, 2016 / 6:39 pm

    I’ve never tried eyeshadow from 17 before but this palette looks really nice!

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