Mental Health Awareness Week & West Kent Mind

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So Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 is now over. I love that there is a week dedicated to raising awareness of mental illness, however, we shouldn’t need it. We should be raising awareness of mental illness every week.

It’s for this reason that I am choosing to post this now, just as the week has ended. I guess I wanted this post to be a bit of a reminder that as MHAW16 ends, and life goes on, so does mental illness. Mental illness doesn’t now stop until next year’s awareness week. I’m not asking you to think about it 24/7, I’m just asking you to remember every now and again. You never know what people have going on in their lives. Be considerate towards other people, continue to share your stories, and always be kind.

This year, mental health awareness week focused on relationships. It is important to consider how mental illness affects relationships with our families and friends and people that we know, but also, our relationship with ourselves. We are taught to be kind towards other people and how to maintain good relationships with our friends, partners, and families, but we’re not taught how to maintain a positive relationship with ourselves. That’s why I write about mental illness. And that is also why I am delighted to let you know that I am now working in partnership with West Kent Mind.

Despite being a part of Mind charity, West Kent Mind actually function as a separate charity with different campaigns, different events, and different funding. So when you fundraise for Mind by running a marathon or having a cake sale, West Kent Mind see none of that money. I met up with West Kent Mind’s Community Development Director last week and she told me that the charity had actually just had their funding massively cut. Me, being the person I am with the passions I have, became very angry about this. I couldn’t believe it. Do people not realise that people are dying because of mental illness? How many more people have to die before something is really done about it?

And that’s where I come in. I’m not trying to take on the world, but I am trying to make a difference. Therefore I will very soon be getting involved in some brilliant projects with West Kent Mind, in the hopes of raising awareness, getting help for the people that need it, and ending the stigma. Watch this space!

Hannah x

P.S. You can donate £1 to West Kent Mind by texting WKMP01 £1  to 70070 




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