8 Reasons Your Little Sister is a Blessing


My little sister is 9. Sometimes we get on like a house on fire, and sometimes we don’t get on at all. But when it comes down to it, we always have each other’s backs and she’s actually one of my best friends.

Whatever happens in your life, she still thinks you’re really cool.
No matter what’s going on in my day-to-day life, my sister still thinks I have my sh*t together. Most of the time, I don’t. But it’s nice to have someone who thinks that.

You can have movie nights.
I don’t need an excuse to watch children’s films anyway, but some of the most fun nights I’ve had have been just watching a movie with her with some snacks. It’s literally like having a sleepover with one of your besties.

When your friends aren’t interested, your little sister is still there.
Although she can’t always understand my problems – there is a ten year age gap between us so our problems are quite different – but she will try. She will always try to cheer me up when she thinks I need it.


She tells her friends about you, so when you meet them it’s like they know you already.
Last year my sister had a bowling party for her birthday. When I got there all her friends were like ‘oh my gosh hi Hannah!’ and by the end of the day it was like I was part of their little crew. If only making friends was always that easy!

You’re the one she goes to for advice.
I remember being nine, and sometimes I didn’t want to go to my parents or friends for advice (even now I still don’t want to at times!). I’m glad my sister can talk to me about things like boy troubles or friendship break ups. The usual primary school stuff. She had problems with an older girl at school last year and she came to me about it – I was so, so pleased that she had. Many children don’t tell their families or teachers about bullies or school problems, so I’m glad I can be there for her.

She will always want to do things with you.
My little sister is always up for coming out with me whether that be for days out or just a trip to the car wash. It’s nice to have somebody that wants to spend time with you. I often feel guilty because I don’t make enough time for her, I admit that.


You get to be a ‘role model’.
By no means am I the ideal role model for a child, but I’m not horrible or dangerous or anything like that. When my sister found out about my blog she decided to start her own fake one. She asks me for advice on it, and how she should take her photos or what post titles should be. I think it’s so sweet.

She’ll be totally honest with you.
My sister tells me straight if she doesn’t like what I’m wearing. I’ll ask her to help me choose an outfit and she’ll be like ‘um.. no, not that.’ I really think that good friends are honest – they tell you what they think.

Hannah x




  1. May 19, 2016 / 11:52 am

    This is so sweet . I find this so relatable because I have a little sister too!

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