Cruising the River Nile


Last Summer I went on holiday with my Grandma. Many people seem to think that it’s really weird that we went away together for two weeks but to me, it wasn’t at all.

It was her lifelong dream to visit Petra. Why she asked me to go with her I will never know but will always be grateful. We planned to stay in a hotel for one week, sunbathing, reading, the like, and one week cruising the Nile sight-seeing and doing touristy things which would include the long awaited visit to Petra. Unfortunately we weren’t able to visit Jordan and Petra in the end because of the situation in the Middle East but we chose to continue with the holiday as planned, just without the trip to Petra. Of course, my Grandma was really upset about this and I was too, she’d always wanted to go, and couldn’t.

We spent the first week lounging beside the pool, swimming, visiting the beach at the back of our hotel, trying out different restaurants, reading our books and chatting about all sorts. I even managed to get her into the Pretty Little Liars book series which I’d bought after becoming a bit obsessed with the TV series. She enjoyed them so much that I later bought her the rest of the series for Christmas!

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The day came that we’d travel to the ship. It was a long journey – we were told it would be about three hours and it turned out to be six – and it was very hot. We were so pleased to finally arrive where we were greeted by Nebil, our tour guide, and led into a huge beautiful banquet room. We checked out the rooms, the views, and got to know some of the others that we’d be cruising with. We ended up making some fantastic friends who we’re still in touch with now. There was a particular family – husband, wife and son – who really took us in. They recognised that we were potentially vulnerable – a 74 year old lady and her 19 year old granddaughter – and really looked after us.


The cruise had us up pretty early on some days so that we could go places without it being too hot. We visited Luxor Temple – a suicide bomber tried to enter the Temple the day after we visited which meant phoning my boyfriend and Mum before they saw the news and panicked – plus many other Temples, Komombo Crocodile Museum, Pyramids of Giza, Aswan Dam, The Unfinished Obelisk, Egyptian Museum and The Valley of the Kings. All of which were absolutely stunning.


My favourite thing about whole thing was the Obelisk. I wouldn’t normally be too bothered if I’m honest but my Grandma tried so hard to get to the top and she made it (at age 74!). We held hands the whole way – it was very rocky – and we made it to the top.


The view from the top

I have incredibly fond memories of this trip so I just had to share it with you guys. It was a real honour to go on such a special trip with my Grandma (my Stepmother’s Mum) – if you read my post on my slightly odd Mother situation then you’ll understand why going with my Stepmother’s mum made this even more special for me – my Grandma taught me how to swim, count, laugh, and eradicated my fear of water – and I am forever grateful that I had this time with her. It really was wonderful.

Have you had any holidays like this? Do you have a family member(s) who is particularly special to you? I’d love to hear about them.



  1. Meme
    March 11, 2016 / 10:29 pm

    My Nan is also very special to me, I’m seeing her tomorrow and we try to see each other every week, this was so lovely that you were able to go away with your nan, I would love to take my nan away as she has never been on a plane.

    Meme xx


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