Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day Matte Liquid Lipstick



This is hands-down my favourite make up product at the moment and I just have to share it with you. I went a bit crazy for everything matte last year and wanted to try a liquid lipstick after seeing some videos online, so Stila’s Matte Liquid Lipstick seemed perfect. How right I was.

This lipstick does not budge. No matter how much I eat, drink, talk, whatever, it always looks like I have just applied it. It literally stays on all day. Not often do I find a product that does what it says it going to do, so I was really surprised when it did!


I initially bought ‘Patina’, a mauvey pink, and after I fell in love with it I decided to buy another shade (I think I’m going to end up with the whole collection) and chose Bacca. This is a new shade for the Spring season but I intend to wear this all year round! It’s a gorgeous, bold, dark pinkish red which adds a pop of colour to any outfit and lasts all day long. There is no need to top it up, it literally doesn’t come off until you physically remove it – it really is ‘stay all day’!

It can be slightly tricky to apply because it’s liquid and dries very quickly – it’s important to line the lips before application – but the matte effect is the best I’ve found and as I said, it stays on until you physically remove your make up. I can’t fault this product; it even smells amazing. If you’re looking for a matte liquid lipstick, Stila is the place to go. I bought both of mine from for £16.00 each.



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