25 Things That Make Me Happy

We tend to focus on the bad, stressful things in life and not the really great things. Sometimes it’s good to stop and think of the things that we really love – the creature comforts, seasons, hobbies – that make our lives more enjoyable. Here are 25 things that make me happy.

-My family.
-My boyfriend.
-Lazy Sundays.
-Blogging (obviously).
-The smell of fresh laundry.
-Positive comments on/about my blog.
-Reading a really good book.
-Tea and biscuits.
-Warm Summer evenings.
-Cozy Winter evenings in front of an open fire.
-Smiling at strangers/when a stranger smiles at me.
-Old photographs.
-Having painted nails.
-Fresh bedding.
-Putting makeup on.
-The sun and being on holiday.
-Twitter (I’m a bit of an addict).
-The future and all the exciting things it has in store.
-Relaxed evenings watching Pretty Little Liars with my best friend.
-Homemade cupcakes.
-Scented candles.
-Finally getting into bed after a long day.
-Good conversation.
-Singing in the car.
-A good pamper session. I think it’s important to treat yourself sometimes.

What makes you happy?


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