My Travel Bucket List

Barcelona (again) Maybe this doesn’t count because I’ve been already… But I’m including it anyway because I long to be back in Barcelona. I went last year and had the best time – it’s a city full of charm and I genuinely think that a little piece of me was left behind. Best go back and get it, right? Amsterdam I have to say, until now Amsterdam never really appealed.… View Post

Jewellery Box UK | My Top 3 Picks

I am a huge lover of dainty jewellery. I don’t really go for big stones or lots of glitz, I much prefer more simple, minimalist styles. A few weeks ago I was approached by Jewellery Box UK and I’d heard of them but never bought from there before. I looked through their range of rings and there were three that I instantly loved. But when I saw them in person,… View Post

A Note on Doors

(TW: Trauma) (I think this is going to be a jumbled brain dump) We all have our very own door. Behind it is a complex construction of our emotions, thoughts, feelings, memories, chemicals that all make up our brains. Brains are both fragile and resilient; heavy and light; clear and foggy. Sometimes, all at the same time. But above all else, brains are powerful. They remember. Particularly when it comes… View Post

My Holy Grail Beauty Products

Generally, we try out lots of different beauty products and bits and bobs that claim to do something that, a lot of the time, they just don’t do. What with social media and the constant flow of advertising, my expectations of products are quite high. It’s very annoying when you spend £25 on a lipstick for it to be no better than an £8 one. It’s a shame that I… View Post

The Anxiety Solution by Chloe Brotheridge

Firstly I just have to mention how pretty this book is. As soon as I saw it I knew it was going to be my kind of thing. Pastels, white, gold, it’s just so beaut. In a recent post I wrote about learning to work with my brain instead of against it, and learning to be compassionate towards myself. This book supports and encourages exactly that, and there’s a particular… View Post