Latest In Beauty | The Beauty & The Beast Box

I am a huge lover of all things Disney. I think that most people would like their very own fairytale and Disney provides that little bit of magic that life is often missing. That reminder that anything is possible, if you put your mind to it. To dare to dream. This is something particularly important for women, I think, that in this day we can really do what we want… View Post

Brand Focus | Benefit Cosmetics: My Top 3 Products

I absolutely love Benefit Cosmetics and I have done for years. I love their products, their branding, their packaging – maybe that’s me being a marketing bod, but hey. There are loads of fab products available but these are my top three. Gimme Brow Volumising Eyebrow Gel I heard loads about the latest brow range from Benefit and I need as much help as I can get in that department, so… View Post

10 Ways Boyfriends Are Horrendously Annoying (But Lovable)

I love my boyfriend to bits but sometimes he is literally the most annoying person on the planet. 1. Taking forever to get ready because he’s dancing in his pants. And then he moans at me for taking forever? Hun, if you stopped prancing around we could have left half an hour ago. 2. His godawful impressions of you. Facial expressions, tone of voice, the lot. The sad thing is he’s… View Post

The Body Shop | Almond Milk & Honey

I love The Body Shop. If you read my recent post on their new range of makeup brushes you’ll already be aware that I may be slightly biased towards the brand and the products they send because I’ve loved the The Body Shop for years. It was one of those cool blogging moments when I was put onto their PR list. The latest products I’ve been sent are from the… View Post