My tips on making a career change

There is no doubt about it, making a career change is terrifying. Starting any new job can be daunting, but especially when it’s something that’s completely new to you. I’m loving my new job, but at times it’s pretty daunting. I thought it would be good to put together my tips for dealing with this, for anyone who is changing jobs or industries. It’s normal to feel like you’re not… View Post

You don’t have to settle

My boyfriend is probably going to take the piss out of me for this. I’m generally quite open about my relationship and have written about my boyfriend in some silly posts about what it’s really like to be in a long-term relationship, and light-hearted explorations into how blooming annoying men can be, but being in a relationship is actually a pretty serious thing. I’ve been in mine for nearly six… View Post

Lessons Learnt from 2017 | The Career Dilemma

It’s been a weird year for me. After finishing my therapy sessions right at the start of the year, I was in a much better position to shape 2017 into what I wanted it to be. I wasn’t cured – I probably never will be – but I had the strength to change my circumstances, even when it was scary. I’d been in the same job for almost three years… View Post


LAPLAND. Last Friday morning I got up at 2AM and traveled to Finland with my whole family – thirteen of us in total. My brother – aged four – and sister – eleven – were the complete embodiment of excitement and, as we arrived at the airport and met up with my Uncle, Aunt and three cousins – all under ten – you couldn’t not become swept up in the… View Post