Jewellery Box UK | My Top 3 Picks

I am a huge lover of dainty jewellery. I don’t really go for big stones or lots of glitz, I much prefer more simple, minimalist styles. A few weeks ago I was approached by Jewellery Box UK and I’d heard of them but never bought from there before. I looked through their range of rings and there were three that I instantly loved. But when I saw them in person,… View Post

The Power in a Moment

For my birthday I received a camera. The idea was that it would be used for my blog but since I’ve got it, I’ve not been able to put it down. I thought it would make things more practical and I was so excited to improve my blog photography but actually, it’s changed a lot more than that. On Sunday I had a pretty normal day in terms of what… View Post

Saturday Binging | What I Love to Watch

THE BLACKLIST OOH. I only started this fairly recently and I am hooked. This is so my kind of thing and I’m loving every minute. One of America’s most wanted criminals, Red, joins forces with the FBI to banish all of the people on his ‘blacklist’, as they are criminals that the FBI will, too, want to catch. There’s lots of guns and explosions and action which I have to… View Post

21 Things I Learnt in 21 Years

Sometimes, people suck. Sometimes, people are the best thing on the planet. Your mental health is very, very important. Everything happens for a reason. Hobbies save lives. People leave, but it’s ok. Remember, everything happens for a reason. Don’t underestimate yourself. Always be eager to learn more. Small conversations have the power to change – and save – lives. Sometimes people won’t want to listen to you purely because you’re… View Post

Being Female | The Things I Could Do Without

Most of the time I love being a girl. I like being inspired and empowered by fellow females whilst enjoying cute clothes, typically girly things and, of course, having boobs. Having boobs is cool. However, there are some things about being a girl that cause a lot of stress! Periods. Of course. I wrote a post previously about my awful periods so I won’t go into it too much but… View Post