I don’t want to know what you think about my size

Photo taken by Kaye Ford I don’t want to know. I don’t want to know how ridiculous you think it is that a ‘skinny’ person has a problem with their size. I don’t want to hear about how I should ‘just put on weight.’ ‘Just eat more!’ I don’t want to know how there’s ‘nothing of me’. I don’t want to know about how the media loves thin people. I… View Post

Spacemasks | Relaxation that’s out of this world 

I am really excited about these. If you’re somebody that struggles to switch off at night, these could potentially change your life. Not even joking (or paid). This is one of those rare times when you find a product and think where has this been all my life? So this is an eye mask which is scented with jasmine, and as soon as you open them they start to heat… View Post

To the girl who has lost her confidence

Sometimes people make us believe things that aren’t true. Sometimes people are manipulative, overbearing, belittling. At first you think alright mate, get back in your box. But as time goes on, it becomes harder and harder to recognise what’s happening. Then, you do recognise what’s happening, but feel like you can’t do anything about it because – that’s the whole point – you’ve been oppressed and question your worth or… View Post

You Can Sit With Us

Girls, this one’s for you. I’ve always been around lots of girls. Probably sounds a bit strange – let me explain. At primary school I thought boys were completely gross (obvs) so mainly hung out with girls. Then I went to an all girls secondary school. This gave a pretty good representation of the many different types of ladies out there and was basically one big learning curve as to… View Post

10 Things That I Do To Get Motivated

Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s really difficult to motivate yourself. The bed always feels more comfy when you wake up for work than it ever has when going to sleep. Mundane tasks like booking appointments and going to the post office aren’t often a great excuse to get out of bed. Being quite a creative person I love to be busy and enjoy working on a number of different projects… View Post