Wanting Success as a Woman

I think success has different meanings for different people. For some, it’s having lots of money and a fruitful career. For some, it’s happiness and marriage and family life. For me, it’s both. I feel like still, in 2018, wanting a successful career as a young woman is seen as not the done thing. I think people still associate high flying careers with men. Men are still seen as the… View Post

Am I supposed to have my sh*t together?

When I was younger, I thought that when I was in my twenties I’d be absolutely bloomin’ sorted. I’d be in a good job earning lots of money, socialising a lot and be living in a lovely house with my lovely husband, cooking pancakes for breakfast every morning. Well firstly it’s usually a cereal bar on my way to work, and secondly if I want to be ‘living in a… View Post

10 Thoughts I’ve Had Whilst Writing a Book

It’s safe to say that writing a book is hard work. It’s hard work for anyone, let alone when you’re writing about mental health. It’s an interesting process with lots of ups and downs. 1 Is this book-worthy? There’s so much stuff. Looking back over a twenty-one year period means that there’s a lot to cover, and I keep finding myself wondering if a lot of my life is actually… View Post

Date Night on a Budget

1 Go for a walk and talk to each other Although a little weather dependent, this is one of my favourite things to do. It actually comes from when I was struggling a lot with my mental health and my boyfriend would encourage me to walk with him, and I guess it’s something we just kept on doing. We sometimes meet after work to walk, and we walk most weekends.… View Post

My Guide to Mastering Mindfulness

I feel like the word ‘mindfulness’ is one that has been thrown around a lot lately and it seems like it’s everywhere you turn, but as far as I’m concerned, it is actually something worth thinking about. If you can find what works for you, it can be a really helpful in improving – and preserving – mental wellbeing. I’d definitely class myself now as somebody who is in recovery,… View Post