Hairapeutix Pre-Shampoo Treatment

My hair has not been in a good way over the last couple of months. When I’m washing my hair, strands and strands are coming out. I don’t know whether it’s because I had balayage put back in, or whether it’s because of my new pill (hair loss can be a side effect) or whether it’s just one of those things. So when the PR lady at Hairapeutix got in touch I was like YES please save my hair! 

The treatment came in two little sachets and I was quite impressed because I have very thick hair and I thought I’d have to use both to cover all the mid-lengths, but I didn’t. It’s very easy to apply, even for an amateur like me – I’ve got to be honest, I don’t give my hair the care that it needs – but the one thing I wasn’t sure on was the smell.

So does it work?

I left the treatment on my hair for thirty minutes as instructed and when I washed it out, there was still a fair amount of hair that came with it. However my hair definitely feels in better condition than it did to start with (the hair left on my head, anyway) and it was much easier to style after I’d washed it. For me this is quite a big thing because having such thick, curly hair can mean that it often doesn’t do what I want it to. Hairapeutix definitely helped with that.

After my recent balayage, my hair was in pretty bad condition and, me being as lazy as I am, I’ve been putting it up every day and it’s just breaking off. My hair feels a lot smoother – and tameable – now.


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