A Year of Little Thoughts

Bloomin’ heck.
How on earth has it been a year?

It is a year to the exact date that I started my little blog. I never anticipated that I would achieve the things that I’ve achieved in the last year. I didn’t even know if I’d keep my blog. I thought I’d probably write a couple of things that would be a load of crap and then I’d get bored or run out of ideas and that would be that. Instead, within a couple of months I discovered that hey, this is actually pretty fun. I had ideas coming out of my earholes and within three months I’d decided that I wanted to do something with this. I bought my own domain and blog template at the end of March and didn’t look back.

I think I thought that with the internet being so big, I would write whatever about whatever and have my own little space that nobody would ever really need to know anything about. I could just write. The idea was that it would be a hobby that I didn’t take too seriously – it would just be a bit of fun. Yet here I am a year later with an indescribable passion, overwhelming desire to write and my own Twitter chat (and event to plan). Now, the stuff I’ve done is surreal. If somebody told me when I started my blog in my bedroom this time last year, a terrified, inexperienced, amateur writer, that this is where I’d be after a year, I’d tell them they were absolutely taking the piss.

After about three months of writing I realised that my mental health posts seemed to be the most popular with my (then tiny) readership, and that they could actually be helping people. I started to receive comments from people telling me that my posts had helped them and I decided that that was really what I needed to be doing. I continued to write about mental health and, as the readership grew, the comments grew. Then I started receiving messages from people on Twitter telling me that my mental health posts had helped them and could I offer some advice on x, y, z? So I did. All the time this was happening my passion for writing continued to grow – but in a different way. I realised that maybe my passion was actually the idea of potentially helping somebody through what I went through and, with that, came #TalkMH. Then, #TalkMH turned out to be more popular than I could have ever imagined and people started asking about an event. Even just writing this I feel a bit like is this a dream?

My goal for this date was to reach 1K followers on Twitter, last Wednesday I hit 5K. In November I went to my first blog event and had lunch with Jess Wright and Gail Porter. I’ve worked with brands. I’ve worked with charities. I attended Time to Change StoryCamp. Two weeks ago I became a Time to Change Champion. In August I started blogging for The Huffington Post. #TalkMH has become a Twitter trend. In April we have the #TalkMH meet up. I fell so in love with #TalkMH that I had a mug designed. I got nominated in the UK Blog Awards. I’ve spoken on the radio. I’ve taken part in a podcast. I’ve helped people in their darkest hours. I’ve celebrated with people in their brightest hours. I have made some of the best friends I could have ever asked for. I’ve become a member of a silly amount of WhatsApp groups. And lastly, because of all this, my world is a whole lot brighter. I have overcome some of my own obstacles with the help of some wonderful, inspiring people.

Thank you for making this year so bloody brilliant.



  1. Katherine Rose
    January 18, 2017 / 4:26 pm

    Wow, what wonderful things you’ve done in such a short time – for yourself and others. You should be proud. Amazing woman! 🙂 xx

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