The Lazy Girl’s Dream | SexyHair Dry Shampoo

Being quite possibly one of the laziest people on the planet, dry shampoo is a bit of a god send for me. The one issue I have is the grey marks it leaves in your hair. I am constantly worried about grey patches at my roots as a result of poorly rubbed-in dry shampoo. A couple of months ago I was standing in the queue in Boots with my boyfriend and he was like ‘babe, you’ve got grey hair.’ I was like what I’ve only got one grey hair and surely you can’t see it?? He’s like no, babe, your hair is really grey. You can imagine my embarrassment.

Last month I received a different dry shampoo – one I’d never used before – from SexyHair. I applied it on a lazy, no hair wash day to see what it was like and to my delight, NO GREY. I didn’t even expect it, I was ready for the frantic rubbing in scenario I’d been used to but it wasn’t at all needed.

As well as being colourless, the dry shampoo worked well all day without having to be topped up, and has a nice fruity smell that makes people think you’ve washed your hair even when you’re as lazy as me.

Gone are the days of freaking out in the Boots queue.

If you’re lazy like me but looking for something to revive your hair when you can’t be bothered with the whole wash – dry – style malarkey, I’d highly recommend!


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