April Roundup


On 2nd April we celebrated my gorgeous little brother’s third birthday. He had a cute little party with all his little friends. It was really sweet and he loved it – apart from the fact he almost broke his arm on a trampoline which was absolutely horrendous and I felt sick, but it was all ok in the end. We also had some of my cousins staying with us that week which was lovely as we don’t get to see them that much as they live up north. There was lots of children and lots of noise.

My new blog layout. This was so much easier than I thought. In the end I cheated a little bit and Pipdig did the whole thing for me but now I’m self-hosted and loving it. I also got a new blog/Twitter header which I am loving. It is sooo cute and Jemma at Dorkface is a creative genius so it was great to have her work on this for me.
I also got a new tattoo. This was a cover up of an existing tattoo so I’m so pleased to finally be rid of the one I hated!

Not Loving
I’ve had three colds in the same amount of weeks and I’m not a fan of that.
I’m also not particularly enjoying my finances right now. I spent a fortune on my boyfriend’s birthday present and it left me so poor. I desperately need a haircut but can’t fund it right now!

Proud Moments
I hosted my first ever Twitter chat this month which was so much fun. I also wrote for Student Minds in their The Power of Storytelling campaign and I’m just so chuffed. I’ve wanted to work with a mental health charity for so long so when they approached me I could barely contain my excitement! Hopefully the post will help somebody. I also published my first ever outfit post this month which I was so nervous about so I’m glad I finally did it.

New Products
I actually can’t think of any that I purchased myself… as I said, I’m really poor right now. However I did receive my second beauty box from my Aunt (this was her birthday present to me, find out about that here) which contained some Molton Brown goodies. I got some body lotion and hand cream which smells so good.

So, that’s what April brought me. What did you get up to?
Wishing everyone a happy and enjoyable May – let’s hope the sun comes out!



  1. May 1, 2016 / 6:21 pm

    I love the idea of a little monthly summary and it was so good to see what positive things you’ve experienced this month! My finances are soooo rubbish this month too so you’re not alone sista! Can’t wait to see more from you!
    Jade xxx

  2. May 2, 2016 / 11:02 am


    Loved this post it’s so great to read what other people have been up to in April!! =) So amazing you got to write for a mental health charity how awesome!! I understand the finances thing i’m yet to get a job and it’s starting to worry me!! =( I’m the same, I need a haircut but just can’t afford it right now….!! MEH!

    I hope May is better for you darling keep doing more of what makes you happy and it should be!!!

    Loving your work, keep smiling.

    Sarah xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hannah
      May 2, 2016 / 11:03 am

      Thanks Sarah I really appreciate it xxxx

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