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Anyone who read my post about my birthday back in February will know that my Auntie had a fab idea to send me my own beauty box each month, for six months, instead of giving me one present on my birthday. I received the first box on the day of my birthday which contained what would turn out to be my perfect skincare trio.

I have pretty sensitive, dry skin which is always worse in colder weather. Last Winter it got so bad when the weather got colder that I literally looked like I had a rash all over my face for a week or so. For this reason I’m kinda fussy when it comes to facial products and it’s very important for me to keep my skin hydrated to prevent it from becoming too dry. These products from Clarins work wonders for skin like mine.

I usually start off with the Pure Melt Cleansing Gel (applied to dry skin) to get my face really clean which when massaged into the skin turns into an oil. Then, when it comes into contact with water it turns into a milk which leaves your skin silky smooth and feeling fresh.

Then once I’ve washed this off I use the Gentle Foaming Cleanser which looks more like a cream than a soap but as it comes into contact with water it thins right out and turns into a more milky substance which smells fresh, feminine and expensive.

Then it’s the Smoothing Body Scrub’s turn. This is like an exfoliator but nowhere near as harsh. Exfoliators usually dry my skin right out so again, I’m fussy, but I had no problems at all with this scrub. It has the same gorgeous smell as the other two products so they all work nicely together and really do leave your skin feeling not only super clean and fresh, but silky smooth too!

I would definitely recommend these products for people with dry or sensitive skin – even just one of them on its own works wonders but I like to use the three together for my own spa experience at home!

What are your skincare saviours?



  1. March 12, 2016 / 7:07 pm

    Thats such a good idea for a birthday present!! I love Clarins body scrub! I totally agree it makes my skin feel gorgeous afterwards.

    Beth | xx

  2. April 7, 2016 / 3:41 pm

    I’m definitely going to try these products. My skin is the same so dry and sensitive and I’ve used so many different products but nothing lasts long term to help prevent it, I’m also quite picky as well as I can end up having a reaction if it’s not suited. Great post 🙂
    Maxine xx


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