My Birthday Weekend

So yesterday I turned 20. If you read my post on age and being young you’ll be aware that I’m more than happy to no longer be a teenager. However I was very happy that my birthday fell on a Sunday this year as I work full time and wanted to spend the day with my family.

It all actually started a week before the day of my birthday, when my boyfriend told me that I should keep Saturday night free because we were going out for dinner. I got to his house in the evening and saw five big boxes waiting for me. He told me that he wanted me to have a new outfit to wear for the meal, so he chose me two. I opened the first box to see two beautiful dresses – one black midi with a gorgeous embellished collar and a blue chiffon maxi, both with a pair of heels to match. They were stunning. I couldn’t believe that he’d chosen them for me. He’d definitely pass Don’t Tell the Bride. In the other two boxes were a selection of old fashioned sweeties and a giant Lindor Milk Truffle with lots of little ones inside. He knows me well. The week went on and I wondered and wondered where we would be going on Saturday for dinner, but I really had no idea.

It seems my luck continued throughout the following week as on Thursday I received a letter from The Chartered Institute of Marketing informing me that I’d achieved a distinction in my first exam, and when I got home from work on Friday evening I was welcomed by a huge box which turned out to be a bunch of beautiful white roses.

Saturday was finally here and after spending the day on the CIM course studying for the next assignment, I was tired but couldn’t wait to put a new outfit on (I wore the black one) and find out where we were going for dinner. I got ready slowly so I wouldn’t be rushed (and therefore stressy) and fortunately I was having a really good makeup day! He arrived to pick me up at 7.30 and we left for the restaurant. It wasn’t a long journey, only 25 minutes, and he’d made me a playlist for the car. When we arrived and parked the car, I was instantly stunned by the view of the town lit up beautifully and the restaurant itself was even more stunning. There were lights going up the steps and all the way around the top of the building which looked like a huge, old house. It looked like something from a fairytale. The food was also fab and I enjoyed a champagne cocktail whilst my Mr Thinker stuck to lemonades so that he could drive us.

We got home at about 10.30 and enjoyed a cup of tea before binge-watching our shows on Netflix. I woke quite early on the Sunday and my 9 year old sister presented me with tonnes of drawings and letters that she’d made for me and my 2 year old brother sang Happy Birthday to me. Mum made me a cup of tea and a bacon and egg sandwich and then let me open my presents. I got:

A laptop to help with my course and blogging

Pink Hunter Wellington Boots


The softest loungewear in the history of loungewear

Much chocolate

A delicious smelling Sophie Conran candle from my boyfriend’s mum


Clarins goodies – my lovely Auntie had a fantastic idea that she would send me some new beauty products to try each month, for six months. My own free beauty box! I’ll be sure to keep you updated on what I get and give plenty of reviews.

Of course I was desperate to wear my new wellies, so we all went for a walk around the lake. We fed the ducks and my brother (2) and sister (9) rode along on their scooters whilst my boyfriend had running races with them and I had a natter with my Mum. It was quite chilly so we enjoyed a warm cup of tea back at home before dinner out in the evening.


I had a lovely weekend and I’m incredibly grateful for my wonderful family and boyfriend for making my birthday special and spoiling me rotten.



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