Peace Instead of Parties | Elmers Court Hotel, Lymington

For New Year’s Eve Charlie and I decided that we didn’t want a big night out (let’s be honest, I never want a big night out) (also, yes I am aware we’re in March now) so we decided to go away together for the night. This was quite a last minute decision so finding a hotel with a room for New Year’s Eve at the last minute wasn’t an easy task but in the end I found Elmer’s Court. I’d been to the New Forest before when I was quite a bit younger and remembered loving it and Charlie had never been, so I wanted to take him there. Lymington is a place that I could go back to again and again. It’s such a cute little town with adorable shops and pretty lights and we decided that it was perfect for having a bit of time away.

We didn’t want to go too far but were both in need of a bit of peace and quiet and as neither of us could be bothered to have to drink – or in my case, explain to everyone why I don’t drink and have them judge me for that choice – and be sociable and pretend to be absolutely loving life because it was New Year, it was a great excuse to go away.

The hotel was a spa resort as well as accommodation and had pretty much everything you’d want for a short break. There were restaurants on site, so we didn’t even have to leave the complex if we didn’t want to. However, me being me, forgetting to make a dinner reservation on one of the busiest nights for hospitality and all that, we ended up eating in Prezzo but that’s not the point…

The hotel grounds were absolutely beautiful and incredibly spacious, looking out onto a harbour.

We spent time admiring the views before heading into Lymington town (to Prezzo, lol) which was really nicely quiet. I expected it to be a lot busier given the occasion but we ate early and there wasn’t really anyone around as the shops were closed. It was lovely to wander around and not have to be anywhere or be in a hurry.

We spent the evening watching Harry Potter and eating room service (we got hungry later on having eaten dinner early) and the bed was very comfortable, the food good and the room spacious.

It was the perfect little getaway to get a bit of peace whilst the rest of the world partied.

My Travel Bucket List

Barcelona (again)

Maybe this doesn’t count because I’ve been already… But I’m including it anyway because I long to be back in Barcelona. I went last year and had the best time – it’s a city full of charm and I genuinely think that a little piece of me was left behind. Best go back and get it, right?


I have to say, until now Amsterdam never really appealed. I always associated it with nasty things and now that I’m a bit older I’m able to appreciate the views, architecture and heritage of the city instead. I think a large part of this is that my eyes have been opened since I started blogging – I’ve seen loads of blog posts about all of these beautiful places and I’d love see them.


Santorini looks so beautiful. The buildings, the beaches, the views, the weather. I just had to include it.


Quite a few people I know have visited Croatia – mainly Split and Dubrovnik – and have had great things to say about it. I also hear it’s not too expensive either? Maybe that will be my next trip…

African Safari

It’s a must. I’ve wanted to do this for years and I think that whilst it would be possibly a bit scary, I do think it’s an experience that I have to do once in my life.

The Maldives

I feel like I want my Honeymoon here. The water looks so clear and the weather beautiful, the beaches clean. I kind of get the impression that you’re quite secluded too, which I like the idea of. Sometimes your own space is so needed – no distractions, stress or annoyances.

Bora Bora

Another possible Honeymoon destination. I guess it doesn’t seem too dissimilar from the Maldives


Another place I’ve seen lots of lucky people jetting off to. Instagram, I blame you for this. I will soon be very poor.

Has anyone been to any of these places? Would you recommend them? I’d love to hear what your faves are.

Jewellery Box UK | My Top 3 Picks

I am a huge lover of dainty jewellery. I don’t really go for big stones or lots of glitz, I much prefer more simple, minimalist styles. A few weeks ago I was approached by Jewellery Box UK and I’d heard of them but never bought from there before. I looked through their range of rings and there were three that I instantly loved. But when I saw them in person, I was even happier with my choices.

Sterling Silver Open Triangle Ring
To me, a triangle is a symbol of resilience. No matter how much pressure is applied to any of it’s sides, it doesn’t break. It is a strong foundation. I really like it when my jewellery has a significance behind it, even if it’s not obvious to others. I  feel like this is a gentle reminder that I am resilient; I can be resilient; I’ve been through a lot and I’m okay.

Sterling Silver Infinity Loop
This one is my favourite. It’s small but it means a lot. For my birthday last month my boyfriend bought me a necklace from Tiffany & Co. and it had an infinity symbol on it. Obviously because of what it means I was really touched and I actually got a bit emotional! Then I saw this ring on the Jewellery Box website and I had to get it. Now I have a matching necklace and ring, both dainty, small, but significant.

Sterling Silver & Rose Quartz Ring
This one I chose from more of a fashion point of view. Hopefully you can see, the lighting of the photo makes it look a bit paler (good one, Han) but I love this shade of pink. I’m guessing you can probably tell but if not, I really like pink. This is adds a subtle touch of colour without being too ‘in your face’ and I really like that about it.

*This post contains PR samples*

A Note on Doors

(TW: Trauma)

(I think this is going to be a jumbled brain dump)

We all have our very own door. Behind it is a complex construction of our emotions, thoughts, feelings, memories, chemicals that all make up our brains. Brains are both fragile and resilient; heavy and light; clear and foggy. Sometimes, all at the same time. But above all else, brains are powerful. They remember.

Particularly when it comes to trauma, the memory of a particular event – or in my case, feeling, as a result of an event – can be easily triggered by other people’s actions and, often, ones they’re not even aware of. Now this really isn’t ideal because it’s something we have no control over and we can’t expect people to walk on egg shells and be nice to everyone at all times. All I’m saying is, be aware of your actions.

Behind my door hides many feelings and experiences. Like feelings of being dismissed as unimportant – belittled, patronised – and being made to feel insignificant, small or useless. Unfortunately, these can come back into day to day life as people associate with them but what people don’t know, is the effect that this can have on somebody as a result of what they’ve previously experienced. Of course, it’s unlikely that anybody reacts well to this behaviour or the emotions it causes, but it really can have a detrimental effect. Straight away, I am taken back to a time in my life that I’d rather not be in. I hope this makes sense… It’s hard to get out

I’m not saying that people should be treated differently because they’ve experienced trauma or suffer from a mental illness, but what I am saying is that I just wish people were more aware of the impact that their actions or words can have. We don’t know what other people have going on behind closed doors.

My Holy Grail Beauty Products

Generally, we try out lots of different beauty products and bits and bobs that claim to do something that, a lot of the time, they just don’t do. What with social media and the constant flow of advertising, my expectations of products are quite high. It’s very annoying when you spend £25 on a lipstick for it to be no better than an £8 one. It’s a shame that I actually find it quite surprising when a beauty product works how I expect it to, but these are the products that I genuinely love, buy over and over again and would struggle to live without.

Makeup Revolution Girls on Film Palette
Coppers and pinks, need I say more? For just £4 this eyeshadowbpalette is an absolute steal and I’ve got so much use out of mine.

Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks
These have been my favourite lipsticks for quite a while. Since I first tried them last year I’ve picked up loads more colours and they’re definitely my most used lipsticks. They’re such good quality and they don’t rub off when you eat or drink (and they smell like chocolate, always good). There’s a separate post on these here.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
My auntie bought this for me and I didn’t really know what to expect as I’d never used anything from Elizabeth Arden before. It’s such a great multi-purpose cream that’s good for so many different things, but I find it particularly effective as a lip balm.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
The great thing about being a blogger is that you get to find out which products are really good. This was one of those products that lots of people talked about and when I saw it in Sephora, Barcelona, I decided to give it a go. It is now my favourite mascara – I’m yet to find something that tops it!

The Body Shop Brushes
These are the softest, smoothest brushes I’ve found so far. Since I discovered these I don’t know how I ever used my old brushes, they were so tough compared to these! There’s a separate post on these here.